Brand Story

I remember opening my eyes to a wonderful human. That was the day of my birth. No one was there to see me or lift me with a warm welcome. At that time, we were alone. But we were there for each other. Went too far in the story. Let me come back. The story I have to tell you is one that started before my birth and one that became the purpose of my life. 

When a young girl first laid her eyes on colors, a door to a beautiful reality was opened in her mind. Creativity - that was the name of that realm. She embraced it with all her heart. Slowly in her life, she found amused by the patterns & textures, which is to say, she found designing. Her love for designing led her to pursue a degree in Fashion Designing from NIFT, Delhi. And that’s when she thought of me. One could say I was born way earlier than my physical birth. In short, I was a brainchild. 

Keeping her from forgetting, she wrote the thought down on a ten-rupee note. Unlike what you would think, that note didn’t fly or exchange, but she held on to it. She cherished the precious, and in due time, she brought the words to life. And that’s when I was born. 

Hi! I’m Aura Designs. All those dashing designs you see on this page are the brainchild of that ‘her,’ Ridhima, who celebrates creativity. Unlike other brands, I don’t have a realistic and relatable problem or drive to tell you about my birth. Because sometimes things take form from the dream of a ten-year-old. And we call that dream...passion!

Aura – Where dreams are made!





It was almost the crack of dawn when the two hungry designers sat on their chairs, trying to push out some creative meals into that white sheet of paper in front of them. But nothing sprouted in their minds. They stole a frightened glance at each other.

THRAASHH! A loud thunderclap burst out from the heart of the sky, grabbing their attention to it. Before their eyes, it was a magical paradise; the crack of dawn. The fiery hot sun was coming up with a heat haze circling it. With a long out stretch, it clawed, making them bleed crimson red. The clouds sprung to life and with extreme sharpness.

But all they could see were colors, patterns, and textures. With yet another glance of disbelief and excitement, they started slashing the pen’s needle on that white sheet of paper. Yes, the big bang had happened in their mind and it created that million-dollar idea that they have been searching for.



They didn’t yell Eureka! Because they knew it was just the first step on the big path. Miles to go before they sleep, miles to go.

The two grabbed another sheet of paper and started the preparation of scouting the potential figures for the fulfillment of their design. It was not an easy task as each aspect of the design required something exceptional and to find it, they had to travel through the roots of cyberspace. And after five hours, their pens came to a halt. They stretched their fingers and shared glances. The map has been laid and it was hunting time. They faxed out the bounty bills of the raw materials to all the hunters out there. And they packed their gear for a long journey because it was time to go places and find the best!



All the hunters who received the fax had already set out to gather the materials. Some were busy checking their garage for them. Some had few of the materials that would prove to be the essential ones in the design. But quality…quality was the element that stopped them, as they knew they won’t stand a chance at the contest of champions.

Some traveled deep into the wild to claim the bedrock of the designs, cotton, that had the caliber to surface as the victor. But the grave hunt was for the Fabrics. A major portion of the hunters went for them as they were also the inescapable figures of the vital design.

Time wheeled away. After days of hunting, the hunters and the two came back with contestants who were sure to give a thrilling contest.


Contest of Champions

D-day came soon as the two were racing against time at the speed of light. The contest was simple, the contestants should prove worthy over the other. And in this one, luck didn’t have any role to play, everything was just cent percent pure talent.

Cotton and fabrics were in the hardest league. They had to take part in back-to-back contests as for them, durability and endurance were the most important factors. And after each round, they were asked to report for the mandatory body check, and those who didn’t retain the silky softness would be instantly eliminated.

The zippers had to run long races 24x7 without derailing from the track. Most of them tumbled and lost their bones, but there were ones who stood like solid rock.

Soon, the contest came to an end and a handful of the hunted materials found themselves walking toward a colorful door.



The victors opened the door and walked through the red carpet. They were curious. Everyone had heard about the contest, but no one knew what happens after the contest. Shortly, they met with the two. A moment of silence circled the floor and then the two spoke. The victors thought they were going to fight individually in the real world. But to their surprise, the two explained them about the togetherness.

And soon, they started the process; they concocted the victors to produce a final flagship, the design!



The flagship was soon sent to the civilization. They knew what they should do, to compete against the other designs and to please the higher power with their picturesqueness and quality, which they did splendidly!


What Happens At Aura!

Aura uses recycled and upcycled materials to create beautiful home décor pieces. With an eye for beauty and an understanding of what consumers want, Ridhima and her team have created a line of affordable and modern décor that is made to last. What makes these products so special is that they are made from upcycled materials that would otherwise be thrown away.

In this journey of sustainability, we are not alone. We always had your contributions and that became the foundation of our designs. Every single material that doesn’t fit in society will eventually come under a hard-eyed name - ‘waste’. Knowing the much more potential and life in them, you were hesitant to abandon them. But the helplessness to hatch a plan, made you take that decision. We understand…we understand your helplessness. That’s why Aura decided to help you. With mutual participation, we are creating lively designs from the materials that were once called ‘waste’. And as repayment for giving us the chance to help the earth, we are repaying you with aesthetic home décor.

An act of giving the precious ones back to you in a beautiful way - that is our motto!



If you love our products and have a dream piece in mind then please get in touch. Whether it’s a birthday gift, an engagement ring or wedding band, we can work with you to design and make something truly special.

Once the final design is approved, we will provide you with the estimated time of completion and arrange payment of a 50% deposit. The balance is to be paid once your bespoke piece is finished, before it is posted to you. We will keep you well informed with updates at every step of the way. 

There is often a wait list for custom pieces so please leave plenty of time when ordering.


Whether you've got an amazing idea or if you want some help in designing something, drop us a line and we'll get in touch!



Whether you've got an amazing idea or if you want some help in designing something, drop us a line and we'll get in touch!